The ECOBIO MEMORISY insole (plantar memory system) is made with a special latex foam that adapts to the shape of your foot, returning to its original shape after use. It optimally mitigates the impact with the ground, create a perfectly stable support surface.

The natural extract of Aloe Vera perform an antibacterial , moisturizing and tonic action, restoring softnes to the skin and relieving tension and stress on the sole of the foot.

The ECOBIO MEMORISY insole with ALOE VERA is an innovative concept, with a PATENT OF USE , which combines the comfort of the latest generation latex foam and the natural benefits of aloe vera in a single insole. The insole guarantees ecellent breathability and hight comfort for all da ily movements.

The sole of Ecobio Sanital shoes are made with super-light exspanded hi-tech polyurethane, which makes it extremely flexible and soft, so as not force the foot to unnatural movements, allowing natural and easy walking.

The hi-tech polyurethane and the super light foam with which the Ecobio Sanital sole is made, gives the shoe a high anti-shock effect, preventing joint soreness due to the “return of energy” caused by the impact with the heel soil during walking. The anti-shock effect of the sole manages to disperse the “return of energy “ by alleviating the fatigue of walking. Walking with an inadequate footwear means that at every step the joints and the spine undergo costant shock and microtrauma. The uppers of Ecobio Sanital shoes built with technical material, soft and elastic, are ideal for alleviating all foot pathologies.

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