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Walk well to feel better choose made in Italy

Walking correctly is essential to prevent and minimize the stresses and pressures on the knees, sole and heels. The step is made up of various phases: the heel touches the ground, the foot is lowered until it rests on the metatarsus. Positioning follows, in which the foot becomes a lever: the heel rises, the toes push towards the ground and lift the body off the ground. With each step, immediately after the heel touches the ground, the foot rotates...

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La primavera metereologia

The spring weather has begun don’t get caught unprepared

The meteorological spring begins in March and ends in May, when it gives way to the meteorological summer (June 1st). Generally it precedes by about twenty days the astronomical one that falls on March 20 or 21. The climate is decidedly milder and is ideal for wearing sandals and slippers from the SANITAL SUMMER line and SUMMER SLIPPERS. Discover the collections SANITAL ESTIVO scelti per te PROFESSIONAL ESTIVO scelti per te

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